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But to shout at her during a concert is BEYOND poor taste! But when that didn't work, the The Emmys are here again, and that means gold for a precious few -- but EVERYONE gets teased!

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Born Fiona Apple Mc Afee Maggart on 13th September, 1977 in New York City, New York, she is famous for Tidal in a career that spans 1994–present.

Jonathan Ames is a talented, overly neurotic NY writer.

He’s the modern Woody Allen, with nose fetishes and all. You may remember him from the short-lived tv show Bored to Death.

is a complicated song about complicated love featuring the complicated Fiona Apple. The iconic singer/songwriter is featured on Andrew Bird's song and her voice makes us feel so many emotions - from nostalgia to empathy to a soothing aural sensation. Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Andrew Bird. …until one unruly fan decided to open their mouth and ruin EVERYTHING!

And CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Fiona Apple! In the middle of her concert in Portland, Oregon last night, Miss Apple was rudely interrupted by someone sitting in the first balcony.

She an eco-terrorist with a Poison Ivy-eque control over plants and stuff! The fan yelled at Fiona: Fiona Apple's night was going great…

The 36-year-old singer actress plays a flora-loving fiend! Sources say When someone puts you down, you've gotta stick up for yourself! The singer-songwriter was heckled by a voice in the crowd at a Portland concert earlier this month.

Reportedly, Frank was upset because Chipotle put their logo at the end.

Then things got weird when the 26-year-old singer saw the final version of the ad, which promotes the restaurant chain’s new video game app.

About 90 minutes into her set with fellow musician Blake Mills, the fan yelled out: The lights WERE turned on, and the shouter was found and escorted out. Those who were at the concert claim that Fiona was visibly shaken up for the rest of the night and even went on a mic'ed tirade in front of the crowd while fighting back tears. [ party in Tokyo Thursday night, but was apparently frustrated at the guests' endless chatter.

She did stick around for one last song, that those present say she sang while sobbing! Apple's body image has been scrutinized for years, with many claiming the actress is unhealthily thin. In an attempt to silence the crowd, Apple mounted her grand piano and asked everyone to quiet down, which failed, so the musician went with plan B: striking a small metal bell.

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