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Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles dated briefly at the end of last year, and while there romance appeared to fizzle a short time later, the relationship has been thrust back into the spotlight due to leaked photos of the couple on vacation.

“[Kendall Jenner] is always modeling and he is always traveling and likes to stay on the go too,” the source continued.

“She is not ready to slow down her career for a relationship and neither is Harry.

They did not break-up as they were never super serious, they kinda just put things on pause until they have more time for each other.” On March 19, reported news of Kendall Jenner and Styles’ photo leak, claiming a Twitter account under the username @Haarry Styles was first to upload the photos, claiming they hacked his mother’s account before being suspended.

Following the hacking, Anne Cox, the mother of Styles, was on Twitter, telling fans she doesn’t know who to trust and noting that she felt violated.

While Styles has remained silent throughout the scandal, as has Kendall Jenner, he reportedly reached out to his former flame a short time after their leaked photos hit the web.

“Harry made a point of reaching out to [Kendall Jenner] after his mom’s i Cloud account was hacked,” a second insider told on March 21. He wanted to make sure Kendall was alright and urged her not to worry or freak out.” “Harry’s brushing this off as just one of those things. While they were private photos, and not meant to be seen by anyone else other than close friends and family, there was nothing incriminating in them that could hurt him or his image, which means he’s not bothered personally,” the source explained.

“However, he’s always been very protective of his mom and the fact that Anne has become the target of hackers does upset him.

He’s the famous one, so he expects to be fair game, but she’s not in the public eye and that makes him angry that someone would mess with her.” Kendall Jenner has had an eventful year.

In addition to her short-lived romance with Styles, the reality star and model has also been linked to Chris Brown, and was involved in a dispute with a paparazzi while in Europe for fashion week.

Kendall Jenner was also spotted on the runway during several shows around the country in recent months.

Harry Styles isn’t interested in an intellectual romance, at least not according to Hollywood‘s insider.

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