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From Pop Crunch, “Kate prompted rumors of a budding new romance with Rodriguez after she was spotted leaving Lure Fishbar in Manhattan on Saturday with the third baseman in tow.

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I don’t even think Madonna’s finished yet sucking out his soul so the chance of him being willing to even look at someone else without fear of severe punishment, seems like a very small chance to me.

But I do love how Kate plays it up a little bit, especially since it must just leaving Madge steaming-mad.

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, as well as always talking about her life, her loves, and everything else that we want to know, to just about any magazine that will listen.

She has been quoted as having talked about everything from ‘vowing’ to pose nude more often as well as how she intends to ‘stay single for as long as possible,’ which she told just last month.

Apparently, it has already been long enough as Kate has recently sparked many dating rumors…not with just one lucky man, but two!

And not just anybody’s or nobody’s either…well, one is an Australian golfer who is probably not very well-known but the other is Madonna’s latest capture, Alex Rodriguez!

Kate first got people talking about this scandalous hookup in November when they both attended some la-tee-da event in Miami and when that seemed to fizzle out as just another ridiculous rumor, it was then that she was seen out on the beaches of Maui with the golfer, Adam Scott.

While it was reported that they were ‘canoodling’ the only photos show them, while close, not even really in contact with each other.

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