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It’s said that rockers want you to forget where they come from but country stars want you to remember.This country star had to remind himself of his own roots.

It also highlights a few small-town high school teams, including Chesney’s own former squad.

See exclusive pics from PARADE’s phoot shoot on the football field with Kenny Chesney “I felt as if I had lost my center,” Chesney says, explaining why he took the year off.

“But sitting there talking to those coaches and hearing these icons of the game—their wisdom and philosophies about football, life, marriage, and love—relates to how I am now trying to find some balance in my life.

In recent years, Kenny Chesney has began to reveal layers of his personal life through his music.

Songs from ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey,’ ‘Welcome to the Fishbowl’ and ‘Life on a Rock’ are his most personal and introspective to date, but he’s still somewhat of a private person, one who shuns social media in favor of retreats to the islands.

There are plenty of things even a superfan of the ‘Pirate Flag’ singer might not know.fortunate after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. How many of these 10 facts did you already know about the country superstar? That’s the old Kenny Chesney—or at least the public Kenny Chesney—the country mega-star who is forever party-ready, beck-and-call rowdy, always peering out at his fans from under a brim. “You’d think I’d have been happiest in my life playing music in front of 50,000 people at Gillette Stadium.But let me tell you, it’s an odd feeling to feel alone in the spotlight,” the singer-songwriter says, sitting in an overstuffed chair in his Nashville production office.He’s wearing jeans and sneakers and a T-shirt that exposes his buff biceps. “I was standing onstage last year, and I felt like I wanted to be somewhere else.No matter how many people were out there, it all just felt like a blank sheet of paper.” So the 42-year-old entertainer, who has sold more than one million concert tickets during each of the past eight summers, decided to sit out the season—surprising his fans and Nashville, but most important, surprising himself.

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