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He encouraged me to talk like someone singing, my voice going up and down in cadences.He got me reading by heart a famous speech by William Pitt the Younger which I still remember.It included the phrase: 'I am accused of the atrocious crime of being a young man’.

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I thought: Oh hell, what’s the difference between feeling like an absolute ass and stammering.

I couldn’t go home and talk like this to my family.

Logue didn’t really help me, and he never became a friend and mentor as he was to the King, but he gave me confidence.

A tall, stooping man, walking stiffly with two sticks, folded himself into a front row seat at the cinema and prepared to see his life’s affliction exposed, examined and perhaps for the first time, properly understood. Like other stammerers, the author Nicholas Mosley had a nervous interest The King’s Speech, the film that so brilliantly charts George VI’s painful efforts to overcome his speech impediment.

But in his case, there was more to it than measuring Colin Firth’s award-winning performance by his own experience: Mosley had been a patient of the King’s specialist, Lionel Logue, too.

On screen, he not only saw another man suffer as he had; he watched his own therapist trying to cure him.

Bullied because of his stammer at school, Mosley was sent by his aristocratic aunts to the unorthodox Australian speech therapist who was known to have helped the King.

“I was due to go into the army and my aunts thought my terrible stammer would be an enormous obstacle to getting on,” he says.

“So in my last year at Eton I was allowed to go up to London once a week after morning work.

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