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She asked if I’d heard what happened, and I said I hadn’t.She proceeded to tell me that airplanes had crashed into the World Trade …

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Now, why, of all countries, did terrorists choose America? Jealousy or Uncle Sam poking his sharp nose into every corner? American brand names like Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Mc Donald’s can … – It is a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Read entire article » By Garret Reich Reporter Youth Journalism International GRAPEVINE, Texas, U. And it is – regardless of what language you speak, the religion you take faith in, or the part of the world you reside.

At the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference outside of Dallas, Texas, four Pulitzer Prize winners spoke about … – It was past midnight and I was talking on the phone with a young woman I’ve had a crush on for a while now.

Kaishi Lee Youth Journalism International SINGAPORE — September 11, 2001. America’s fall from grace has stirred up much antipathy and the terrorist attack has touched a universal nerve. motto “In God We Trust” is placed on all its currency. Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death, and the events that happened today did not help at all.

Before rooting out the real reasons and giving the finger to culprits, stop reeling, be calm and tell yourself that reality is more complicated. I pray that everyone who lost a loved one is consoled and I also pray that our …

Read entire article » By Hila Yosafi Youth Journalism International STORRS, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) At about 9 a.m., my friend IMs me as I’m printing something for class: “Turn on the TV! I see the first fire starting in one of the towers — a live picture. Read entire article » By Melissa Luna Youth Journalism International BRISTOL, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) I found out about the bombing at school and I was shocked and scared beyond belief.

Maybe I’m just such a pacifist that it didn’t even occur …

Read entire article » By Mike Nguyen Youth Journalism International BRISTOL, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) Well, as if my day could get any longer or eventful, this happens. The worst place to hear about a terrorist strike and New York City in shambles is the rumor mill at your local high school.

But actually, we actually got it right instead of “UFO’s …

Read entire article » By Katie Jordan Youth Journalism International BRISTOL, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) I first heard about it at lunch.

A friend of mine came up to me as I was about to sit at one of the tables.

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