Who is shia labouf dating

In Best Actor, only Matt Damon is the other actor who's in a Best Picture nominee, and he has no chance in hell. It's definitely gonna be a career Oscar for him but I enjoyed the Revenant. Talent and looks trump everything thats why quite a bit are, and one will find success as long he beards but there is nothing to suggest Leo is anything other than straight/bi who likes fucking top notch models.

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It has to be straight women complaining about Leo not being in a monogamous relationship and "those poor models!

" Considering how long Lukas Haas has been with him, Di Caprio is practically the king of monogamy. Remember when he tried to get with Zac Efron attention after a Lakers game and then ran the other way when he saw Vanessa Hudgens?

He eventually was able to take Zac on a date to another Lakers game. Not every good looking star is."Somebody's holding on to their Titanic fantasies. The last time Di Caprio was good looking was when he was filming Catch Me If You Can. You can't be on about The Night Porter after all these years?

The "love" he received at the SAG Awards just confirmed it for me.

Not only do the Hollywood Execs love him, but his fellow actors love him as well. And in a year or two people will look back at "The Revenant" and realize just how idiotic that movie is and how Leo doesn't do anything that special in it.

He seems like a genuinely nice guy Leo has this in the bag. Tina and Amy were joking last night, but they hit on the truth. Next year, the winner will be a black guy, but the following year it will be Cooper, then Channing Tatum, then Mark Wahlberg, etc.What Leo did wasn't great acting, and people are ignoring the silliness of that movie just so they can hand the Oscar off to Leo. It's shocking to look back at him in his "Titanic" days and see how poorly he aged.And then maybe, like Al Pacino when he won his long-overdue Oscar, we'll never see him nominated again. At his bushy, bearded worst he looks like he should be the grandfather of the Leo from that movie, and it hasn't even been twenty years.Whatever you may think of Di Caprio's (non) performance, there are other factors involved. It has been consistently #2 at the box office since it opened nationwide January 8, except for last weekend when it topped the BO at #1. Also, the movie is the most-nominated film of the year, with 12 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.Unlike actresses, actors always fare better when they're nominated for a Best Picture nominee.Since 2000, only Denzel Washington (TRAINING DAY), Forest Whitaker (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND), and Jeff Bridges (CRAZY HEART) have won even though their respective films weren't nominated for Best Picture. His closest competiton this year is probably Damon but that would be even worse if he won. You think big studios would waste money exclusively on gay men.

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