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Jay was taking care of Blue Ivy while Beyonce was celebrating with her family and didn't look like they had a worry in the world."After the ceremony, the venue was transformed into a party location, with guests being treated to a four course dinner on two long tables, feasting on delicacies including shrimp and grits, oyster and artichoke bisque, paupiette de poulet, and bread pudding and pineapple foster for dessert.

The party continued on all night, with guests spilling into three huge party buses, which drove to Esplanade Street, where a live band played and the group danced the night away.

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Apparently those Bey and Jay divorce rumours are utter rubbish - a source said: "Beyonce and Jay Z were totally into it and so affectionate.

They both kept putting their hands on each other's butts and they were dancing up a storm.

Beyonce and Jay Z were so friendly to everyone and very gracious. They were having the best night." The party then moved on to the New Orleans Museum of Art for a second reception, where Solange and her son Julez performed a special dance to Rae Sremmurd's According to a friend of Solange: "It was a beautiful event.

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson had what may be the quirkiest, coolest, most stylish celebrity wedding in recent years, from the jumpsuits worn to the bicycles ridden, so it's no surprise that their honeymoon photos look like they came from a luxury travel magazine spread.

All we know is we want Solange to photograph every life event of ours starting right now.

Yesterday, we brought you all the latest news from Solange Knowles's wedding to Alan Ferguson, from the amazing white outfits to the choice of music. The big day, on Sunday, was preceded by a whole load of pre-wedding parties including a group movie night and a fab rehearsal dinner.

The party and ceremony were attended by 100 guests.

Solange and Alan didn't rock up in a fancy Rolls Royce, but chose white bicycles to make their entrance - although Alan got a flat tyre, so had to walk some of the way (well, that'll be one to tell the grandchildren about).

Apparently the couple didn't mind too much, with a source saying: "They were giggling about it and didn't seem bothered at all.

Passersbys were congratulating them, and they were overjoyed."And Solange didn't have to worry about her big sister stealing the limelight.

A source told Us Weekly: "Beyonce was just there as a supportive sister and didn't take any of the spotlight.

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