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The duo was spotted on a date at Nobu in Malibu on Saturday.

Following his high-profile breakup with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris has moved on to Tinashe, according to Page Six, which cites a source who claims that the two are “casually” in a relationship.

“They have been seeing each other on the DL,” says the insider.

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Who is t i harris dating

They’ve been on a few dates.” Tinashe and Calvin met back in 2014 while reportedly writing songs for Rihanna.

During those sessions, they collaborated on “Dollar Signs.” Since then, the insider says, they’ve “stayed in touch and recently started hanging out again.” That includes a Saturday date at Nobu in Malibu where they were “clearly” on a date, according to another source.

“They were super close.” Tinashe is currently working on her long-awaited sophomore album Joyride.

Taylor Swift is involved in another social media controversy, this time with her old pals Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this month she was Twitter beefing with her ex Calvin Harris about songwriting credit or something.

While some might have seen Harris as the “loser” in his break up with Swift because she moved onto the swankily named actor Tom Hiddleston, it turns out the EDM DJ is making power dating moves of his own.

According to Page 6, Harris is now hooking up with R&B star Tinashe.

The 32-year old Harris has known the 23 year old Tinashe since they collaborated on the 2014 track ‘Dollar Signs’.

Here’s a reminder of what Tinashe looks like: Does this count as an upgrade for Harris?

A source tells Page Six exclusively that the DJ is “casually” seeing “Superlove” singer Tinashe. It’s only been weeks, so it’s still pretty casual right now. Tinashe and Harris met in the studio in 2014 when they collaborated on the song “Dollar Signs.” They were rumored to be writing songs for Rihanna at the time.

“They stayed in touch and recently started hanging out again,” the source said.

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