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“I think we take it for granted in a lot of ways because we genuinely love each other so much,” he said. Of the perils of dating while in the closet, Groff remarks that he and his former boyfriend (who was also closeted) “were living in a double closet.” After coming out he dated actor Gavin Creel. When I came out, I made peace with the fact that maybe I wouldn’t be a huge movie star or a huge TV star.

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It’s about them as people and not about any careers or jobs they have.” On how coming out has impacted his career, Groff says: “When I came out, I understood that maybe I wouldn’t be the male romantic lead in a Nicholas Sparks movie. That’s all a way of saying that the reason I don’t mind talking about it over and over is because that is the way acceptance happens, and that’s the way you break down those walls. And what about that time Madonna came to see his new play scribe] Lin-Manuel [Miranda]? We were collecting for Broadway Cares after the show, and Mrs.

It’s what Harvey Milk said about coming out to all your friends. And the more we talk about it, then the less we’ll finally have to talk about it. I enjoy talking about it because I felt I couldn’t talk about it for so long.” On his family’s reaction to him coming out: “They were shocked when I told them. Obama stayed in the audience while the Broadway Cares speech happened, and Lin called her out and the audience applauded for her.

Then she came backstage and hugged every crew member—the wig girl, all the costume people, every cast member.

Zachary Quinto paid tribute to his “Star Trek” co-star Anton Yelchin during “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Friday.

Yelchin was killed last month at the age of 27, in a tragic traffic accident.

“I don’t even know how to talk about it,” Quinto said.

“We already knew this would be a bitter-sweet experience because of the loss of Leonard [Nimoy] last year, but this has just been absolutely devastating for all of us,” he said, speaking for the entire “Star Trek” cast and crew.

“I think our goal just has to be to celebrate his incredible life, and honor him as much as we can.

It was a terrible loss, not only to us personally, but I think to the industry and audiences,” the actor told Colbert.

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