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Now, we can blame “racist”, “sexist”, “heteronormative” society for this. We can blame the unrealistic photoshopped advertising images that saturate our screens and, by extension, psyches. If we were really struggling we could do our best to blame Kim Kardashian.We can bleat about “intersectionality” and “patriarchy”. But just for a moment, let’s not blame anyone for the fact that Lil Kim has such a compromised self-image – and let’s not equate Kim with Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP leader who purported to be black, last year claiming a controversial “transracial” identity.

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Kim and I are the same age; when I was a little girl, I also wanted to be white.

And it wasn’t because I thought white people were “cool”.

It was because I believed that not being white made me ugly by default. Rather than use make-up and plastic surgery to reconstruct a self-identity, I threw myself into books.

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View the full list This week the world saw – via that new, visual means of wildfire gossip-mongering known as “trending on social media” – Lil’ Kim’s new face and hair.

For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Kim, she isn’t a teenage Instagram model – born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female rappers the world has ever seen.

And, assuming it matters, she used to be a black woman.

But after years of plastic surgery and progressive skin-bleaching, and who only knows what she’s done to her hair, she’s not black any more.

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