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I've tried to bring out to the extension language nearly every portion of Snd, both the signal-processing functions and much of the user interface.

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The syntax used throughout this documentation is Scheme (a form of lisp) as implemented by s7.

You can also use Ruby or Forth, but need to make various minor changes.

I'm slowly adding parallel Forth and Ruby examples.

The easiest way to get acquainted with this aspect of Snd is to open the listener (via the View: Open listener menu option), and type experiments in its window.

Its prompt is " Another quick way to check out the extension language is to go to the Preferences dialog (in the Options menu), choose some items, then save them.

The saved file (~/.snd_prefs_s7 for example) is a text file, a program in the current extension language, that initializes Snd to use whatever items you chose.Snd is organized as a list of sounds, each with a list of channels, each channel containing lists of edits, marks, mixes, etc.There are other objects such as colors, and regions; the currently active region is called the selection.I originally presented all the functions and variables in an enormous alphabetical list, but that finally became unmanageable.In the following sections, each of the basic entities is treated in a separate section with cross-references where needed. There are many examples in examp.scm, examp.rb, examp.fs, and Extensions to Snd can be found in: Most of Snd's behavior can be customized.

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