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Experience the soothing qualities of our ocean, beaches, valleys and hills. Enjoy the powerful connection we have with the boundless, unspoilt natural environment that is our home. It was awarded "Australia's Leading Beach" at the World Travel Awards held in Sydney in June 2008.

Above all, treat your time here with us as an opportunity to soothe and rejuvenate your body and spirit, to explore and find adventure, to immerse yourself in our culture and learn about our mysteries and legends, to find seclusion when you need it, to connect with our environment and above all to share love and friendship with family, friends and partners. You can only reach this island via a short boat trip from the main island.

It is also known as Tapuaetai and is one of 22 islands of the atoll.

One Foot Island is asmall island in the district of Aitutaki of the Cook Islands in Australia.

An inhabitant of the island takes up a coconut palm tree on the beach in One Foot Island.

The island is uninhabited, but you can buy small things at the local shop.

The beaches of One Foot Island are white, and the water is crystal clear.

This is not only a paradise for divers and snorkelers but also for those wanting to enjoy the beach and the sand.

Climate: Since the islands are South of the equator, the seasons are opposite to those of Europe and North America.

The cooler, drier season is from April to November and the warmer, more humid season is from December to March. Regularly listed as one of the most romantic places on Earth, and the second-most visited island in the Cooks, Aitutaki is famous for its impossibly crystal-clear, turquoise water of its central lagoon, tiny motus (islets) and pristine, palm-shaded beaches.

Inland, Aitukati's rolling hills are a patchwork of banana plantations and coconut groves. Aitutaki (Aye-too-tah-ki) is an island in the Southern Cook Islands a 45 minute flight from the capital island of Rarotonga.

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