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Big Screen EPG provides the tools you need to import your own XMLTV format Electronic Program Guide Listings into Windows 7 Media Center.

Featuring a sophisticated and intelligent metadata processing engine, Big Screen EPG gets the most out of any EPG data you feed it.

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Hi, I hope nobody minds that I also posted this question on the MS Technet forums.

I have a longstanding installation of Windows 7 Ultimate on my media centre PC and recently the internet tv program guide stopped updating for no apparent reason.

I have the guide set to update automatically but I have also performed manual downloads which give the response that the download completed OK.

However the tv program details have not updated to show the most recent programs, all that is visible is programme data for up to the 29th October. I tried rescanning the TV signals but that didn't help, I also went through the "Set Up TV Signal" procedure again from scratch which successfully found all 4 tuners on my DVB-T cards and discovered the program guide fro my locality (South of England, UK), however the problem remains.

I did a Windows Update to W7SP1 and all the latest security packs but that has not fixed the problem, all it did was prevent me seeing system restore points prior to the update Finally, I deselected WMC in the Windows Features selection dialogue and rebooted before re-selecting it but that doesn't seem to reset any settings or anything and needless to say it hasn't worked either.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, Boo It sounds to me like you are downloading the latest guide listing.I'm not sure what you are expecting, but you have 8 days of listings. I'm betting your provider just hasn't released a new version of the listings yet. CPU: Core i3-3225 U/C'd @ 1.6 GHz Mobo: ASUS P8H77-I RAM: 8GB DDR3 HDD: X25-V, WD CG, WD CG A/V GPU: Integrated HD4000 Tuner: 1x Infini TV4; 1x HDHRP Case: Apex MI-008 + pico PSU-160-XT Remote: Logitech Harmony 300i TV Provider: Cox Communications Display: Panasonic P50G20 Amp: Onkyo HTS-9100THX Well, my listings days are down to 6 now, and no change.Does no-one here have any ideas about why WMC might be ignoring its guide downloads ?I really don't want to spend a day re-installing W7...Thanks, Boo Zap2it doesn't provide listings for the UK.I think a company called Broadcasting Dataservices (BDS) provides the listings for the UK.

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