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These details can wait until the third date (assuming there are no other deal breakers).4) Don’t be a Wower.

If you like the way I look, think poetic, not monosyllabic. I may think you are mentally challenged no matter how many degrees from Harvard you have.9) If you have Groupons, Living Social or other coupons to some obscure restaurant or bar, save them for later in the relationship, or use them with your buddies.

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I am a single woman, in my early 60s, divorced for over a decade.

I have met dozens of interesting smart, caring, kind, men online who have wanted monogamous relationships. Chernofsky’s, “Six Tips on What NOT to write on Match.com,” for women, and it gave me a chuckle and rang remarkably true.

But I have some tips of my own -- for you men out there.

When you get that first date, here are ten deal breakers, at least for me:1) Do not say: “I’m in a very Dark Place Sexually” or “I can never have Vanilla sex again.” I may have READ 50 Shades of Gray, but it doesn’t mean I want to live it, and you are no Christian Gray!

If I am imagining whips and urine, there will be no second date.2) Keep it upbeat.

Do not go into intimate details about the months of suffering before your wife passed away.

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