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I'm talking about sincere mental and physical strength.I'm a 20 year old female and I think it is extremely important to have mental as well as physical strength.

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Reality is that as beautiful as this life is, it can also be very vicious.

This world is swamped with backstabbers, liars, cheaters, predators, and self consumed people who will hurt you and test your strength if it means getting what they desire. Lets face it; the men of this generation have really devalued. Especially when the time comes for children and you take the position as a provider and protector.

I don't think it's wise for any female to sit around and wait for a guy to come and protect her. There will be human beings relying on you to take care of them and prepare them for the world.

I don't know about you other girls, but I don't want to be like Cinderella sitting in a dark, cold dusty cellar waiting for somebody to come and rescue me. Children are physically and circumstantially incapable of taking care of themselves on various levels. I think the best way to do that is by collecting strength, knowledge, and wisdom through every situation in life that tests you.

If that's not bad enough, you've got plenty of conniving females running around with their whorisms lying, stealing, and cheating regardless of what's right and how you feel. I often conceal my strength and downplay it when it comes to dating because in my experience, many guys like to feel like they are the stronger one in a romantic situation ESPECIALLY ATHLETES!!

As sad as it is, our parents are going to die one day. Even if..down, their mental strength is not solid and flexible and has a limit, they like to feel like the more durable one.

Biologically, it's inevitable; they are flesh and bones. I have yet to meet a guy who can appreciate my multifaceted strength and view it as a huge advantage when it comes to dating and a possible future relationship.

If natural disasters don't kill them, their bodies will expire sooner or later We've got to be strong enough to deal with that and adapt to life without having exterior strength. Or maybe I'm just attracted to guys who like their "project/I can fix her" type females? Do you think many guys are turned off by a girl who is very strong?

We have to be resourceful from the inside out, not just the outside in. Or maybe many guys are just attracted to weak females because that makes them vulnerable and depending on the guy, that makes him feel manly?

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