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When you think of dating and single living, you might think Manhattan - Sex and the City style. Cynics might say that the root of this singularity (pun intended) is the reserved nature of the Swedes.

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"For us it is all about creating genuine connections between compatible people," says Michael Krayenhoff, cofounder of dating app The Inner Circle.

He says the app is the perfect solution to the conundrum.

It first launched in Amsterdam and then hit big in London, and now The Inner Circle has arrived in Stockholm.

“Stockholm is an international city full of well-travelled, attractive and interesting people, so it was an easy decision to prioritise Stockholm,” he says.

Alright, so the name might sound a bit pretentious. For many young professionals, it’s actually working.

“On Tinder I kept meeting students who were still ‘looking for themselves’,” Sara, a young American working in Stockholm, tells The Local. But I wanted to meet other professionals; people who were motivated and were doing something with their lives already.” She stumbled across The Inner Circle accidentally while browsing dating apps one day – and quickly became a fan.

“Over the course of a few months I met a Swedish doctor, a French banker, and an MIT researcher,” she says.

"All in my age range, intelligent, motivated, and, well, yeah, attractive too. ” That’s the thing about The Inner Circle: each member is approved by hand to make sure it’s the cream of the crop.

It’s about quality, not quantity, which really streamlines things in a city as big as Stockholm.

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