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While Blake and Ryan are getting all domestic with their pies and canned foods, her ex-boyfriend Leonardo Di Caprio is also in New York with his current model bonafide Erin Heatherton.

The two were photographed riding their bikes home from dinner.

I’m very surprised he doesn’t have a towel wrapped around his head.

They had lunch in New York yesterday and she was seen caressing his face while he, um, patted her on the shoulder...?

It’s not quite as demonstrative as when he was on his knees for Blake Lively - click here Full Story Oh look at Uncle Leo being all cute and uncley with Ruby Maguire and her mom Jen in New York the other day.

I wonder if Uncle Leo doesn’t feel the way I do about children: love your children, not interested in (having) my own children. And I’m not sure that 22 year old models - his usual dating target - are the most likely candidates for baby-making should a man be ready for the baby-making. Check out Leonardo Di Caprio and his latest Victoria’s secret model girlfriend Erin Heatherton in Mexico the other day for a quick trip before Leo has to head back to LA for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. Erin was previously seen with Leo in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.

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