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- Reduce customer support costs through the use of applications that work in the browser across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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NET, Cold Fusion, XML, JSP, etc) - Flash front end provides instantaneous, one-click operation for 95% of internet users (installed base of Flash) - Interface can be branded or customized to meet unique site needs - Audio video instant messaging provides cost effective differentiation for your site - Platform agnostic, requires no Java - Improve Guest-To-Paying Member Conversion - Add custom-branded, live a/v and text messaging and chat to your online community without additional hardware or costly software licenses.

- Reduce website customer support issues through Cam Date's Flash-based applications, requiring only the ubiquitous Flash plugin. - Offer premium subscriptions with video profiles and expanded chat features.

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Hi, To all adult/dating/community website owners and developers: We are proud to announce our newly released product: Cam Date - Adult, Dating & Community Orientated Flash Audio / Video Chat Software: is Camdate ?

Cam Date is the next generation of Multi-User Chat software; beyond text messages, it provides rich communication through compressed streaming Audio and Video.

Cam Date lets your users interact easily in an elegant, multi-room chat environment.Utilizing Macromedias new Flash Communication Server technology, this chat tool allows people in corporate, community, dating, or collaborative web environments to see and hear each other, increasing communication and understanding.The Cam Date Application Suite is built from the ground up with the online-community business model in mind.Highlights Live, multi-user, multi-room audio / video / text chat; Flash front end: fast, stable, easy, system agnostic; Simple integration with current user database; 2-way compressed streaming audio/video; Instant webcam/microphone detection; Default/user-created chat rooms; Private messaging; Online user list: Users visually identified by icons; Robust, style-enabled, real-time text chat: Bold/Italic Formatting, Color Palette, Animated Emoticons; Audio/Video Controls, Bandwidth Selector.Features & Benefits: - Provide online dating guests and members a sophisticated, easy-to-use text and audio/video messaging system.Individuals can begin their friendships and relationships with an approach that is more personal than email or plain text chat, but less intimidating than in-person meetings.

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