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Spring is in the air, and Kinky Toys is all about making the most of your time, with unique and one of a kind vibrators and dildos (including strap-ons for a delightful bit of role reversal) shaped like butterflies or bunnies.

They also have a wide array of egg-shaped vibrators (see, eggs 'are' good for you) as well as lovely flower-shaped ones – all perfect for solo or mutual pleasuring. ) the spring celebration is a wide array of sexy lingerie in numerous colors, and then you have quality gear for some fun in the tub.

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Considering how sensitive that area is, you have to be gentle in the use of such toys.

As with anything new, start out slow and work your way up into a frenzy.

If you or your partner enjoys it, things will fall into place.

They can enliven any playtime, enrich any amorous mood and put spark and genuine enjoyment into the most intimate things that two humans can do together.

And if your sex life is found wanting, they can help bring back what was missing.

Careful selection of just the right toy (and appropriate and oh-so-desired application) can turn the frostiest lover into a blazing inferno of want.

Best of all, you do not even have to be into BDSM to enjoy what toys can do.

Sex and the toys and equipment that are marketed for it come in all shapes, sizes and forms from vibrators, to cuffs to blindfolds to cockrings and so much more. And their wares come, so to speak, on a sliding scale (plenty of lube, after all).

So if you find yourself on a budget, this is no reason to think you must go without.

The site's offerings are presented in a thoughtful, comprehensive fashion that ensures no matter what you are after, chances are, they have it.

Seasonal offerings that delve into the clever can be had for the asking.

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