Yamapi dating abiru yuu

, 11610 words Yamashita Tomohisa/Abiru Yuu, Hints of Tanaka Koki/Abiru Yuu, Issa (from Da Pump)/Abiru Yuu, and Yamashita Tomohisa/Kitagawa Keiko, Yamapi has a routine—even if he doesn't quite realize it himself—that Yuu really wishes she hadn't figured out herself. " Yamapi comments as soon as Yuu walks through the door.

So when he brings her to Hawaii yet again, she doesn't know if she should hope that she's wrong or just accept what's to come. He smiles at her from the balcony, cigarette in hand. " Yuu smirks, putting them off to the side of their table.

"Are you really curious or are you just trying to find something to talk about? " he asks, turning around to lean his back against the railing, looking at Yuu face to face. "I'm not sure that's really a conversation getter, 'Hisa." She pauses before adding something else abruptly, Erika's voice echoing in her head all of a sudden.

"If you're going to lie to me and tell me it wasn't the Jimusho, I'm not hearing it." "They want me to break up with you, yes," Yamapi finally says, sounding just as tired. "Figures." She pushes away from the railing and heads back inside their hotel room, fuming.

"It's not-" "Don't," Yuu snaps, suddenly exhausted.

The direct quote: “Jae Joong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently.

The November 26 issue of Josei Seven reports that Jaejoong/Hero of Tohoshinki fame was seen on a date with Abiru Yuu (you know, Yamapi's ex).

The date between the 2 was first witnessed in early October where they were spotted very initimately together on late night date at about 3am.”A representative of Tohoshinki has come forward to deny these allegations, however. The date which the magazine stated – early October – Jae Joong was in Korea. How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand. There's no way Jae would date a chick like Abiru, at least not seriously. And according to Avex Japan, Jae Joong has never met Abiru Yuu before.”Goddamn. They promote in Japan, it's not like he's never been there -- and there are a surprising number of Japanese-born people living in Korea (and vice-versa). And frankly, you coming out and saying you can't believe it just because him having a Japanese girlfriend isn't believable is completely indecorous. I was going to say something about Abiru movin' on up in the world. Say goodbye to those Johnny's, baby, the hallyu movement is where it's at! The guys can freely roam the streets of shibuya without worrying fans crowding them. Maybe not like before cause they caught the jpn paparazzi now.

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